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21 September 2017
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Tour Waiver - Kathy Patterson

Date of TOUR:   09/24/2017 

Name of individual, or parent/guardian of minor visiting the Center:    Kathy Patterson 

Name of child(ren) visiting the Center (if any):     

In consideration of being permitted the privilege of a visit to the Conservators Center, you are required to acknowledge, understand, and accept the following rules.

Please initial next to each paragraph:

 KP   Visitors to the Center must remain with their trained tour leader or a staff member of the Center at all times. Any Visitors not remaining with their tour group will be escorted from the compound. Visitors must listen to and obey any directions given by the tour guides and staff of the facility. Children should at all times be accompanied by a parent or guardian (school chaperones may act in loco parentis). At no time should a child be left unattended or allowed within five feet of the enclosure of any dangerous animal.

 KP   The Center is under construction. This means the ground may be soft or uneven, there may be holes or partially built caging, and certain areas will be off-limits. At all times Visitors are to stay away from off-limits areas and watch their footing as they move through the facility.

 KP   In some cases there may be an opportunity to touch an educational animal presented by staff or a tour guide. In these cases, it has been deemed safe to have this interaction. Any other interaction with animals onsite is strictly forbidden. Visitors crossing the tour barrier without explicit verbal permission from the tour guide or Center staff member is forbidden.

 KP   The animals onsite are wild and may be dangerous. Unauthorized contact could lead to serious injury or death. For safety, there will be at least one experienced tour guide with all groups at all times. There will be no contact with dangerous animals by Visitors. Any Visitor attempting unauthorized contact with any animals will be escorted from the premises.

 KP   Visitors are not allowed to taunt, tease, throw objects at, or otherwise bother  the animals. This includes yelling, running, and other behaviors that might upset or overstimulate the animals. Any behaviors deemed harmful to the animals by the staff of the Conservators Center are strictly prohibited. Visitors engaged in these activities may be escorted from the premises.

 KP   I understand that the Center’s animals are inherently dangerous and that all visitors must stay with and obey the tour guides and Center staff.

 KP   I understand that my presence on this site is a privilege, and that improper behavior may result in immediate expulsion from the property.

 n/a  (If this waiver includes child/children)   I have discussed the rules with my child(ren) and I am choosing to accept responsibility for my child(ren) remaining onsite. I further understand that my child(ren) are expected to abide by all the rules stated above, and improper behavior may result in the immediate expulsion of both me and my child(ren).

By signing the waiver below, you are acknowledging notification of the hazards and potential dangers that may result from breaking the rules of the facility.

The Conservators Center will be held harmless for any injuries to visitors onsite that are caused by violations of these rules. This release and any action arising therefrom will be construed under the laws of the State of North Carolina, and that if any portion of this agreement be held invalid, the balance shall, not withstanding, have full legal force and effect. I further acknowledge that I have carefully read the foregoing release, know and understand the content thereof, and sign this release as my own free act.

In witness whereof, releaser has executed this release at Burlington, North Carolina the day and year first above written.

Kathy Patterson1480 Corbett Ridge Road
Mebane, NC 27302 –  (336) 514-0155 


Signed by Kathy Patterson
Signed on:21 September 2017

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