Nutrition Center Campaign

Help us build a secure foundation for our animals’ future!

Ensuring our animals’ continued health and happiness starts with our humans—our keepers, more specifically. They need a proper building from which to prepare food and medication for our residents. And we need your aid in raising funds to finish construction on our new Nutrition Center, the touchstone for all things related to animal care.

Most of us have wanted to be keepers at one time or another, but what does the job entail here at the Conservators Center? In the morning: convening at the Field Kitchen—the old shed with the crooked door that serves as our current Nutrition Center. Bowls, tongs, scales all need to be sorted. Buckets of bleach need preparation. Diet prep becomes an enormous undertaking: all of our animals have special diets with very specific instructions. (Wendy and Tut Fennec Fox, for example, with their tiny teeth, need itty-bitty diced foods.) Dirty dishes amass.

And then, in the afternoon: everyone reconvenes, bearing stories and gifts from their respective journeys into the park. What did Bear Dingo howl about today? Why is Ramsey Leopard grumbly today? Is Wic Tiger being pesky to his lion siblings? After almost two decades of keepers chatting over bowl-washing and towel-laundering, the Field Kitchen has become a human home at the Center.

On behalf of our wolves, tigers, lions, and other critters, the Conservators Center now asks the public to lend a hand in our maturation.