Pumpkin Prowl

11 November 2017, 12pm

Celebrate autumn in the wildest way imaginable… Our annual Pumpkin Prowl event!

Pumpkins are a hot commodity in the autumn. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin spiced lattes, everyone wants to get their paws on them. No one knows how to celebrate pumpkin season better than the residents of the Conservators Center!

Grab a coat and a friend, and join us on Saturday, the 11th of November for our annual Pumpkin Prowl, the most unique and thrilling way to celebrate autumn in North Carolina!

As a Center tradition, our staff decorates our residents’ habitats with stuffed, scented, or painted pumpkins to celebrate the season. Our animals love finding these new fascinating items in their space, and we enjoy watching as they investigate their gifts.

Join us in selecting, decorating, and carving the pumpkins; then watch as our keepers decorate our animals’ enclosures and introduce our animals to an autumn wonderland.

Have you ever wondered how we target-train Ramsey Leopard, or why it’s important to be able to check a wolf’s paws and ears, or what caracals like to eat for snacks? At Pumpkin Prowl, you’ll also have the option of learning interesting tidbits about how we care for our animal residents straight from the trained handlers and keepers of the Conservators Center!

How long until the Prowl?











Event Date: 12 November 2016
Rain Date: 19 November 2016

  • Ages
  • Tour Length
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  • Details


$24per person

Event Date: 11 November 2017
Rain Date: 18 November 2017

  • Ages 13 and Up
  • 1 to 1.5 hours
  • 10 to 15
  • Military, Students, &
    First Responders are eligible for
    discount with Valid ID

Under 12

$18per child

Event Date: 11 November 2017
Rain Date: 18 November 2017

  • Ages 12 and Under
  • 1 to 1.5 hours
  • 10 to 15


$50per person

Event Date: 11 November 2017
Rain Date: 18 November 2017

  • Ages 18+ Only
  • 3 hours
  • 1 per Person
  • Not Eligible For Discounted Pricing

Accessibility, Safety, and Pets

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For safety reasons, the Conservators Center does not allow visitors to bring pets on site. Any visitor who brings an animal to the Center will be asked to leave immediately. We do not allow visitors to leave animals unattended in a vehicle at any time of year.