It’s the biggest event of the year. Don’t miss it.

Our signature winter season event, Tree Toss is an experience unlike any other! Join us as we share one-of-a-kind enrichment with our residents: unsold Christmas trees donated by Cranberry Tree Farm make exciting toys alongside presents created by our visitors. This “Open Park” event is different from our regular tours, allowing you the freedom to move around the tour path at your own pace or stay at one habitat all afternoon.

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  • Ages
  • Tour Length
  • Group Size
  • Details


$24per person

On Sale September 1st!

  • Ages 13 and Up
  • 1 to 1.5 hours
  • 10 to 15
  • Military, Students, and
    First Responders are eligible for
    discount with Valid ID

Under 12

$18per child

On Sale September 1st!

  • Ages 12 and Under
  • 1 to 1.5 hours
  • 10 to 15


$TBDper person

On Sale September 1st!!

  • Ages 18+ Only
  • 3 hours
  • 1 per Person
  • Not Eligible For Discounted Pricing

Accessibility, Safety, and Pets

The Conservators Center's park is not wheelchair accessible; however, accessibility accommodations are available for visitors with mobility issues. Please note that we do not allow unauthorized vehicles, including scooters or motorized wheelchairs, in the park. You can find more information about disability accommodations and handicapped access in the Tour FAQ on our Plan Your Visit page. Please note that strollers are also not permitted in the park.

If you are planning to visit the Center, please take a moment to review our park information and tour waiver. If you'd like, you can also print the waiver and photography release forms to fill out and complete prior to arrival. Waivers and release forms will also be available in the gift shop for visitors to complete during the check-in process.

For safety reasons, the Conservators Center does not allow visitors to bring pets on site. Any visitor who brings an animal to the Center will be asked to leave immediately. We do not allow visitors to leave animals unattended in a vehicle at any time of year.