Donate to the Center

The Conservators Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN# 56-2149941). All donations to the Center are tax deductible.

Our programs and services are funded primarily by tour revenue, memberships, grants, donations, and partnerships. These contributions help us provide the best possible care for the extraordinary animals who have found a forever home at the Conservators Center.

There are many ways you can contribute to the ongoing care and well-being of our animal residents.  You may make a direct monetary donation below.

Will bequests or trust provisions provide an easy way to document a commitment to the Conservators Center without impacting the assets available to you during your lifetime.  For more information about planned gifts, click here.


Thank You For Your Support



1Animal Care Fund
The animals who reside at the Conservators Center require a large amount of funding to cover expenses such as food, animal keepers, routine maintenance to their habitats, and the ongoing development and procurement of items to enrich their lives.

Contributions to the Animal Care Fund are set aside specifically to meet the needs of the animals at the Conservators Center.
2Veterinary Fund
About 30% of our animal residents are geriatric and many require special diets, medicines, and/or frequent veterinary visits to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes. Some arrive in poor health, or with existing medical conditions due to inadequate veterinary care or an inappropriate diet at a previous home.

This fund supports our residents’ varied healthcare needs, including veterinary visits, medications, special diets, and lab work. In addition to these routine and critical expenses, resources from the Veterinary Fund will be used to construct an onsite animal health center at the Center.
3General Operating Fund
There are many different costs associated with running an operation like the Conservators Center, and contributions made to the General Operating Fund allow us to distribute funds where they are most needed within the organization.
4Food Supply 2017
As many of you know -- especially our big cat moms and dads! -- our animals’ diets require large amounts of meat. However, our donated food options are limited for a few months while our suppliers are going through an overhaul. Though this is something that rarely happens, we’re expecting periodic shortfalls until the end of the year.

To say that this is an issue is a huge understatement! Here are a few numbers:
  • Our carnivores, all together, eat approximately 275 pounds of meat a day in the summer;
  • About 85% of that is typically donated chicken, now in short supply.
  • We now need to purchase 110 pounds of chicken quarters per day. This meat supplements our whole prey diets.
  • It will take $3,500 to restock our freezer to capacity!

    With your help, we can purchase in bulk to get low pricing and stretch every penny. Anything you can offer is much, much appreciated.